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Peter H. Jin is a full-stack web developer from the Chicagoland area who specializes in making web applications and open-source software, as well as in IPv6 advocacy.
A picture of myself
The Git server is currently unavailable. Code can still be downloaded from, though branches other than "master" are currently not available.

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Current Events

Web Applications

These web applications are mostly written in JavaScript, with Node.js and Express used on the server side.

Other applications

These applications are mostly written in C and (a little bit of) Python.

Writings / Essays


I maintain this website very actively. If something doesn't work, tell me! I will get it fixed as soon as possible, very likely within 1 or 2 days.

I guess one of the reasons why some large companies don't want to deploy IPv6 is because it makes them feel less powerful, as they have the same number of IPv6 addresses/subnets compared to a smaller company :)
  -- Peter Jin