About me

My name is Peter H. Jin. I am currently a software developer at IBM, but I also engage in open source software development and system and network administration outside of IBM. I was born and raised in Naperville, Illinois and have since moved to Poughkeepsie, New York to work at IBM.

This website consists of knowledge and information which may be useful to the general public. I take great pride in keeping this website useful and to the maximum extent possible, up-to-date, throughout my own engagement in various areas of personal and professional interest, such as IPv6, Linux system administration, and computer networking, as well as software for Linux system administration, containers and computer networking.

This is a general purpose website, not a blog, so articles are sorted by topic instead of by date. I believe that sorting by topic instead of by date helps ensure that articles remain focused, and don't appear to be outdated, in case I discover more information about a certain topic or if I need to make edits or corrections. For example, in Notes about namespaces, I can add additional bullet points as I discover new things about Linux namespaces.

Particular topics of interest commonly seen on this website include tips and tricks with Linux features (particularly containers and networking), open source software which uses those features, IPv6, my homelab (and how I make use of my open source software within my homelab), and my (admittedly unpopular) opinions about things which are otherwise industry standard.

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Unless otherwise noted, all content on this website is original content. Peter Jin (.org) will never use ChatGPT or other AI technologies to generate content on this website.

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