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This article describes the use of the name "Lizzie" as used within the scope of Aliases 3000. Unless otherwise noted, this name does not refer to anyone named Lizzie other than myself; it is essentially an "alias" of myself. For more information about Aliases 3000, see Aliases 3000.

"Elizabeth" a.k.a. Lizzie

"Peter Jin a.k.a. Lizzie"

"Lizzie Neonymick" (deprecated)

General information

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Name State Proposed since In use since Abandoned Relative frequency Notes
Lizzie in use unknown 2019-03-20 still being used 1 also includes "Elizabeth"


I am not transgender. Instead, what happened was this:

When I first set up apps-vm1, I chose to have an unprivileged (non-root) user on the system (since obviously you shouldn't do everything as root). A normal, sane person would use their own name as the unprivileged user on the VPS, but I felt like that was too boring, so I chose a different name. I thought of my childhood friend Liz, but didn't want to steal her name, so I chose a similar variant.

If you don't really understand what I said there, it's as if I were setting up the username and password for a new computer, but with "Lizzie" as the login name instead of "Peter". To me at that time, it was wise of me to choose a female name for the login on a VPS, since attackers are less likely to have female names in their username list when they try to log in to random servers via SSH (I know this from inspecting the btmp file and auth.log on my servers).

This all went well until I decided to set up an email/SMTP server on said VPS. By default, Postfix uses Unix users for the names of email mailboxes. Since I chose "lizzie" as the username for the VPS, the resulting email address also had "lizzie" in it. I was kind of put off by that, since when I first set up my VPS, I never anticipated that I would set up an email server, but at the same time, I sort of wanted to test how it would be like to be called a different name, even one of the opposite gender. So I kept it, and it still lives on to this day as one of my primary email addresses and aliases.


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At least two of my friends saw this name being used, both of which have known me pretty well, and once they saw that, they found it pretty funny. A third friend of mine also saw that, but he did not have the same reaction as the other two friends, probably because he did not know me as well compared to the other two friends.

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