Use Web server, BGP router, file server (GitLab)
Host VMHaus (Fremont)
IPv4 address
IPv6 address 2402:28c0:2:31f::1
BGP announcements 2602:806:a002::/48, 2602:806:a003::/48
Started 1 July 2020; 13.2 months ago
Decommissioned still in use

apps-vm5 is a web server that currently hosts the live demos of IPv6 Things, Traceroute Text Generator, and GitLab.

Inner container

Apps-vm5 has a single ctrtool container that handles all of its applications like IPv6 Things. Inside the container, there are additional nested containers.

2602:806:a003:40e::/64 IPv6 Things (IPv6 Bible)
2602:806:a003:40f::/64 Traceroute Text Generator - Traceroute Maker
2602:806:a003:4ff::/64 GitLab