Use Primary email server, primary DNS server, alternative web server, BGP router
Host Vultr (Chicago)
IPv4 address
IPv6 address 2001:19f0:5c01:11d5:5400:2ff:fee2:182c
BGP announcements, 2602:806:a000::/47, 2602:806:a002::/48
Started 6 July 2020; 13 months ago
Decommissioned still in use

apps-vm6 is our primary mail server, using custom IP addresses/ASN to improve sending reliability. It also hosts the "superhost", a system with 24 IPv4 and multiple /64's of IPv6 addresses that acts as a router to various services hosted both internally and externally (at home or on other cloud servers).


An internal LXC-like container known as the "superhost" is where most of the services associated with this system are located. That is, the web, mail, and DNS services are not located in the host system, but rather within an internal container.

The container is designed such that daemons running within that container can "mix and match" IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, thus allowing great flexibility as to the available IP addresses needed for a service. For more information, see List of port assignments used by apps-vm6.