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Peter H. Jin (he/him/his)

I am a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIAU according to ARIN :)). I live in the Chicago west suburban area. I have high-functioning autism, which means that while I do struggle a bit with social interaction from time to time, I am very skilled in technical disciplines, especially computer networking and system administration. Despite this, I am very open to talk with you, especially about computers.

I can speak English, German, Chinese, and a bit of French.

Despite trying to be friendly, many people, when they talk to me, are often annoyed by what I say. I often have a goal of meaningfully exchanging information whenever I talk to someone, and while this may be offensive to mainstream folks, I see it as necessary to adequately communicate with others.

Some people see me as "weird", "eccentric", or "strange" simply because my viewpoints are different from other people. These viewpoints aren't just viewpoints, but rather carefully-considered thought processes that just make me a better person, and people have been genuinely curious about how I am and how I do things. Almost all my personal websites are hosted on my own servers, because I believe that the extra price to pay outweighs the limitations of shared hosting, which have a bad reputation of being IPv4-only, without DNSSEC, and with limited HTTPS options. Secondly, I do not have any intent to work at a large company like Google or Microsoft like what most of the people who know me well believe. It is not a status indicator in my opinion, and many of those companies actually try to use their money to change your views, which is something I cannot sacrifice.

Despite having a registered LLC with the same name as this website, we are not a "commercial, for-profit business". This website does not exist just to make money. This website exists because we want to improve the Internet, especially with regard to IPv6, DNSSEC, and HTTPS, and we want to make this website a "model" website for things like the Internet Society's "Open Standards Everywhere" project, as well as for an educational purpose, namely to allow other server operators to set up IT infrastructure in the way that I think will be sustainable for the future of the Internet. Thus this website ends in ".org" and not ".com".

We do have business plans, it's just that we'd rather do something positive in society rather than simply run a typical business.

The software being offered also does not exist just to produce software. We host live demos of our software whenever possible. We believe in the IPv6 transition, and host all of our software on dual-stack systems to make them accessible from IPv6-only networks, which are expected to steadily rise for the next few years. We offer software which takes an independent viewpoint in many of the issues related to IPv6 deployment, and use modern technologies like containers, namespaces, and cgroups, as well as unique paradigms like separating file descriptors between programs to deliver the best possible experience for our software.

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