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"Late binding" is where a single socket is used to accept connections for multiple IP addresses, and where IP addresses are differentiated by calling getsockname() on sockets returned by accept(). This differs from "early binding", where addresses are differentiated using multiple sockets bound to different addresses, and where the address is pre-determined by the address of the listening socket accept() is called on.

As an example with more common applications, nginx with multiple IP addresses and the "bind" parameter to listen uses "early binding"; without the "bind" parameter, it uses "late binding". See also [1].

Most apps in this category rely on the presence of a "local" route and apply mathematical formulae on addresses for their basic functioning; see Snippets:Nginx geo local server address for more information.

Traceroute Text Generator is not in this category since it technically uses its own reduced TCP/IP stack where sockets do not exist.

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