Not to be confused with Peter Jin Technologies LLC or SCP-PJIN.

Scrapped until further notice.

The PJO Foundation (name not final) is a proposed nonprofit organization that will engage in IPv6 deployment for the public benefit.


  • Access to IPv6 should be a virtue, not something that should be at the mercy of available ISPs.
  • Web apps that waste IPv6 addresses like IPv6 Things, while useful for demonstrating the benefits of IPv6, have a significant cost barrier.
  • There are many new ways of using IPv6 addresses that are not possible in IPv4, but sadly, realizing it may be financially difficult.
  • We have no commercial agenda; instead, we seek to promote IPv6 for the benefit of the public.
  • The development of IPv6 Things and other IPv6-only web apps could potentially be seen as scientific research since there is an emphasis on the underlying ideas behind the web apps.

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