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Peter Jin operates three GitLab servers to support the hosting of software offered on this website. They are,, and

The first two URLs are actually the same public GitLab server. The differences are shown below:
Dual-stack, proxied through Cloudflare IPv6-only, direct connection
Logins not allowed Logins permitted
Can be indexed by search engine bots Cannot be indexed by search engine bots
Normal GitLab entry point Entry point for personal use, but can be used by anyone with IPv6 internet access
Should be used as canonical URL Not for canonical URL use is internal to our home network and is not accessible from the public Internet.

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2602:806:a003:40e::/64 IPv6 Things (IPv6 Bible)
2602:806:a003:40f::/64 Traceroute Text Generator - Traceroute Maker
2602:806:a003:4ff::/64 GitLab