Guess the Word Game

My word was "klimatisiertes".

The Guess the Word Game is a simple Node.js web app that, based on a series of clicking "Before" and "After", can guess any word in the dictionary. It uses binary search, so it can do so in just 20 or 21 tries. Furthermore, all state information is saved on the client URL, so it is safe to use the back button at any time.

The Guess the Word Game was based on a CGI script that I wrote for my private web server, long before I had After some careful optimization, I was able to release it publicly.

It appears from the web server logs that people may be trying to use this web app as a one-player Ouija board or something, since it is capable of picking out very dirty words that I would never use professionally, and people often pick out these words, and it can be done so without typing the word itself or the letters within it.