Personality quirks

Me wearing my wooden block shoes, along with shorts and a T-shirt on top of a full-body unitard, underneath which I have a sweatshirt and pants. A professor actually called me a "weirdo" while I was wearing this uniform.

Many people know me for several reasons. Aside from the usual reasons, many people actually know me because of something weird or strange about me, such as Aliases 3000 or the wooden block shoes.

However, I'm not just weird in the normal ways that people are weird. Both Aliases 3000 and the wooden block shoes manifest themselves on first impression:

  • When people first meet each other, it is common to ask people for their name. Aliases 3000 manifests itself here because I can give a response like "My name is Peter but you can call me Charles."
  • The wooden block shoes make me three inches (7.6 cm) taller. Many tall people are often asked about their height on first impression.

However, what's even more remarkable about this is that I tend to be very persistent in these things. For example,

  • Aliases 3000 has been a thing for over four years, from the initial incident to labeling IPv6 addresses with these aliases.
  • One day while I was wearing the wooden block shoes, I fell down and sprained my ankle. Rather than forgetting about the wooden block shoes like a normal person, I just simply thought of ways to make the shoes stronger so that I don't fall down again.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, it's much harder to demonstrate some of these quirks to other people since most of them relied on real-world face-to-face interaction.