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Item #: SCP-PJIN-001

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures

Instances of SCP-PJIN-001 are to be contained at Site ██ with Level 2 security clearance, whose physical location is safe to publicly disclose in the ARIN LACNIC Whois database. Two IPv6 blocks must be registered with ARIN LACNIC, one to Site ██ and one to a private residence ███ km away, and experimentation must be performed only on these IPv6 blocks.


SCP-PJIN-001 is a ████████-brand enterprise router with BGP capabilities.

SCP-PJIN-001's anomalous effects only occur when a computer or other network device establishes a BGP session to it with a local ASN (autonomous system number) of AS42████████ and announces at least one IPv4 or IPv6 route. The effects that occur depend on the nature of the IP addresses associated with the route.

  • If the IP address is in a reserved range, then nothing will happen.
  • Otherwise, if the IP addresses are allocated or assigned by one of the five RIRs, the computer is teleported to the street address associated with the IP addresses according to the RIR's Whois database. The Ethernet cable will extend as far out as possible to reach the street address from the router in its original location. The connection is still strong even if the remote location is more than 100 m away. If the computer is connected via switch, then this effect only occurs on the Ethernet cable connected directly to the router. If connected wirelessly, then nothing happens.
  • Furthermore, additional effects may occur depending on the RIR the address block is assigned to:
    • If the address block is assigned to APNIC, then the owner of the computer will be registered for an AP Computer Science A exam and their first name will change to "Nick".
    • If the address block is assigned to RIPE, and the owner of the computer has a first name starting with "E", then the owner will die.
    • If the address block is assigned to ARIN, then the owner of the computer will be convinced that his or her first name will be "Erin" [sic].
  • No anomalous effects occur if the ASN occurs within the AS path but is not the ultimate origin AS.

Test Log

Experiment PJIN-001-1

IP address range announced: 2001:470::/32
Result: Connected computer found at Hurricane Electric headquarters at 760 Mission Ct, Fremont, CA.

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