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SCP-PJIN-006 prior to containment

Item #: SCP-PJIN-006

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-PJIN-006 is to be kept in a small storage container. No flash drives are to be allowed near SCP-PJIN-006 within a 5 m radius except for testing purposes.

SCP-PJIN-006-1 instances are to be kept in separate storage containers. No computers, except small laptops, are to be allowed near SCP-PJIN-006-1 instances except for testing purposes.


SCP-PJIN-006 is a standard USB type A receptacle, not attached to any computer. SCP-PJIN-006 is similar in appearance to any other USB connector. However, if a flash drive whose capacity is at least 32 GB is plugged into SCP-PJIN-006 for at least ██ minutes, then the flash drive will become an instance of SCP-PJIN-006-1.

An SCP-PJIN-006-1 instance is a flash drive that was once plugged into SCP-PJIN-006. SCP-PJIN-006-1 flash drives are identical to normal flash drives, except that it will have two buttons on the front of it, labeled "up" and "down".

When an SCP-PJIN-006-1 instance is plugged into a USB port on a normal computer, the SCP-PJIN-006-1 will appear to the computer as a normal flash drive. However, pressing the "up" and "down" buttons on the flash drive will have the following effects:

If the "up" button is pressed, then the flash drive will teleport to the USB port on the computer above the one it was originally plugged into. If there was something already plugged into that USB port, then the SCP-PJIN-006-1 instance will, through some unknown means, glue itself onto that plug. Depending on the layout of the circuit board of the SCP-PJIN-006-1 instance and the plug that was originally in the receptacle, this may cause a short circuit. If the SCP-PJIN-006-1 instance is already on the topmost USB port, then the SCP-PJIN-006-1 instance will instead, move 7 mm above it (approximately the typical spacing between USB ports). If this was a piece of metal, this may cause the SCP-PJIN-006-1 instance to get stuck or have an electrical failure. Similar statements occur when the "down" button is pressed, only that the flash drive teleports to the USB port directly below it instead of above it.

The "up" and "down" buttons have no effect if an SCP-PJIN-006-1 instance is not plugged into a computer or is reattached to SCP-PJIN-006.

SCP-PJIN-006 was discovered in the research laboratory of ██████████ Ltd., a company that specializes in making electrical connectors. Edward █████████, an employee of ██████████ Ltd., noticed that the flash drive that he had had "two strange buttons" on it, and that the flash drive appeared to move itself whenever he pressed one of the buttons. After some tracing, he was able to trace the anomalous effects to SCP-PJIN-006.

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