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Item #: SCP-PJIN-011

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-PJIN-011 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber. When referring to Joshua in written material, use the name that Joshua would call himself as in order to prevent confusion, or "SCP-PJIN-011" only if not yet defined.


SCP-PJIN-011 is a male humanoid, about ██ years of age.

SCP-PJIN-011 appears to be a normal human being in all respects except when one asks him about his name, or is referred to by name. Instead of giving a name, he'll just state "My name is " and then just freeze[1]. However, the other person can come up with a random name (that is normal for a human being to have; see the Test Logs) for SCP-PJIN-011, and call him by that name. Upon doing so, SCP-PJIN-011 will refer to himself by that name for the duration of the conversation with the other person. So if someone else calls him e.g. Joshua, he will refer to himself as Joshua and respond to "Joshua". Likewise, if someone calls him "Steve", he will refer to himself as "Steve". Furthermore, he will state "My name is Joshua" or "My name is Steve" when asked about his name. A lie detector placed on Joshua does not show any significant evidence of deception, and the pattern of Steve being able to recognize the name is consistent with a normal human being named Joshua or Steve. Joshua does not appear to have a last name.

This anomalous behavior has resulted in confusion with D-class personnel as to what Steve's true name is. Brian has been found to refer to himself as, and will answer to, a variety of names, including, but not limited to, "Adam", "Andrew", "Anthony", "Brian", "Daniel", "Danielle", "Elena", "Elizabeth", "Evan", "Fred", "Gabriel", "Graham", "Heather", "Howard", "Ian", "Jackie", "Jake", "Joseph", "Joshua", "Kenneth", "Liam", "Nathanael", "Oliver", "Rachel", "Rebekah", "Scott", "Steve", "Stuart", "Tyler", "William", and "Zach".

Adam can be called a different name mid-conversation, and he will forget that his name was Adam and refer to himself with the new name instead. This can only be done once every 24 hours; subsequent attempts result in Daniel saying "That's not my name; my name's actually Adam". This only applies to spoken conversation; written text can use an unlimited number of names; in addition, saying the magic word "██████████" to Ian will also have the same effect. See Test Log PJIN-011-A-1.

Stuart can have a different name for each person that Howard talks to. For example, Elizabeth may call himself "Jake" to one person (and that person will think that his name is Jake), and also call himself "Scott" to another person (and that person will think that his name is Scott, while the other person can still refer to Scott as "Jake"). See Test Log PJIN-011-A-2.

Regardless of the name used to refer to William, Zach's pronouns are always he/him/his.

Further experimentation indicates that while Evan can be referred to by a variety of names, there seems to be a certain "blacklist" of names that Gabriel will never use; see Test Log PJIN-011-B.

Test Log PJIN-011-A

Experiment PJIN-011-A-1

D-1088 shakes hands with SCP-PJIN-011.

D-1088: Hi, what's your name?

SCP-PJIN-011: My name is

SCP-PJIN-011 stays silent.

D-1088: OK, I'll call you Thomas.

Thomas: OK, my name is Thomas.

D-1088: So you don't have a name at first, and then when I called you Thomas, you said that your name was Thomas. Is it really your name?

Thomas stays silent.

D-1088: Oh, so your name is Joseph now.

Joseph: Yeah it is.

2 hours later.

D-1088: Joseph, do you hear me?

Joseph: Yes I do.

D-1088: So is your name really "Joseph"? How about if I call you "William"?

Joseph: My name's not William, it's still Joseph!

D-1088 makes a huge facepalm. Testing halted.

Experiment PJIN-011-A-2

D-1089 (to SCP-PJIN-011): Daniel!

D-1090: Actually, his name is Tyler.

1 minute later.

D-1089: So, is your name Daniel?

Daniel: Yes.

D-1089 leaves.

D-1090: So, is your name Tyler?

Tyler: Yes.

D-1090: So, is your name Daniel?

Tyler: Actually, no.

Test Log PJIN-011-B

The following names have been found to be on Anthony's "blacklist" of names that he will never use to refer to himself, determined by shouting the name in question at Anthony and seeing if there is a positive ("Yes?") or negative ("My name's not William!") response, using the magic word "██████████" so that the tests can be performed immediately without waiting 24 hours.

  • 0000000111111aaaaabbbccccccccccqqqqxxxxzzzzzz
  • Alex
  • Brandon
  • Chris
  • Christopher
  • Daniella
  • Dylan
  • Ezekiel
  • ██████
  • Lloyd
  • Nathan
  • Nathaniel
  • Rebecca (distinguished from "Rebekah" by having a softer "a")
  • R██████
  • SCP-PJIN-011
  • Taylor
  • Xavier

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  1. It appears that he's trying to say "My name is NULL", but the NULL results in a segmentation fault in his internal processor.