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Item #: SCP-PJIN-004-J also known as SCP-SCP-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-SCP-J does not require any special containment procedures. However, any system which contains confidential information should not have SCP-SCP-J installed.


SCP-SCP-J is a Unix/Linux command commonly known as ███. SCP-SCP-J is able to transfer files between computers through an unknown means, but analysis indicates that it probably operates on TCP port 22 and uses AES-128 encryption or better. Copies of files are always identical to the original, and no flash drives or other removable storage appears to be involved in the transfer of files.

Unlike the related command ███, SCP-SCP-J does not provide shell access.

SCP-SCP-J only demonstrates this effect if the two computers that the files are transferred between are connected to a common network and both of the computers have SCP-SCP-J installed. Otherwise, using SCP-SCP-J will result in a "connection refused" or "no route to host" error.

SSH: Containment Breach, that is.

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