Throwaway Box

The Throwaway Box is a multi-use ctrtool container designed for various purposes. It is part of the Autoserver project. It has the following features:

  • SSH server to allow remote access to a sandbox
  • VNC server to allow graphical applications to run
  • Apache Guacamole to allow the VNC server to be accessed in a browser
  • SSH tunnels to allow access to hardware devices on other systems, perhaps via a REST API
  • Can create multiple instances on one system
  • Can be replaced if necessary

To do

Currently, the only thing that has been done with the Throwaway Box is the squashfs container image that is already a part of Autoserver (as a container module).

  • Install PulseAudio in Autoserver's "generic" container module.
  • Actually write the Python script to create "templates" of throwaway boxes.
  • Another script to run e.g. PulseAudio and an SSH client in a single container, such that the PulseAudio server socket is forwarded into the throwaway box which is running the SSH server. That container should be ported to armhf and possibly arm64, to support Raspberry Pi and Pine64 as the client devices.
  • Pic that describes how the containers running on the other hardware systems connect back to the throwaway box(es) through SSH tunnels.
  • Document the history of my throwaway boxes, all the way back when it was still a Docker container.