UIUC needs IPv6

The University of Illinois REALLY needs IPv6. I don't care that you have three /16's worth of IPv4 address space. I don't care that you think there is no use to IPv6. I just want IPv6 deployed on campus!

You are seeing this message because you are connected via IPv4 and your IP address falls in one of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's IPv4 space (,,,, To see your current IP address, click here. If you were connected via IPv6, then you will not see this message, even if you were on the CITES VPN (the only currently-known way to access UIUC IPv6 address space). If you were looking for my home page, see https://www.peterjin.org/index.html. Maybe exclude and from this redirection, since both UI-ICCN and NCSA have proper IPv6 deployment.